Be advised! has a FALSE report regarding my business

**All potential brides reading this, please know this is a false report. This claimants  wedding never took place and the report is an attempt to defame my company for no explainable reason. 

Years ago, I photographed for a 'talent' agency. The owner, Gail Spangler (she has many aliases) lured in pet owners and promised to make they're little animals stars. She told them her company 'Creative Talent'  could place the animals in ads and commercials. She would then charged them money and have me photograph them.  It didn't take long for me to realize she was a fake. When I let her know I felt she was defrauding costumers and I wouldn't be a part of it, she accused me of blackmail and assault. She had the police come to my house to arrest me. Once they heard my side they told me she was following me around town.
In 2012 she made 2 false reports about my business on - an awful entity designed to extort money from businesses for 'arbitration' over reports that anyone can falsely make. Recently, following the publishing on a dog photo I took, in The Wall Street Journal, Gail has again made a false report about my company. This time she is claiming to be a lady named 'Jill' who resides in New Orleans. I've never photographed any bride named Jill. I don't know why this heartless soul continues to defame and hurt my business... some people are sad and pathetic.
I have nothing to hide and have nothing but VERY PLEASED CUSTOMERS, my reviews reflect so on both my website and accounts. If this were an accurate account of my work the bride would post this review with a reputable site such as which is where I book a majority of my photography.  

You may review the false report here. Unfortunately, once posted on this awful website, a false review can never be removed. You can't even sue them... You can get a court injunction and have google remove it from the search engines. So... when I get an extra $10,000 I will get on that.  

Everyone I know, have worked with, has seen me work, or seen my work is encouraged to write a rebuttal on the insidious comments regarding my business on aforementioned site in my defense.
Positive proof from real people will far outweigh the slander of one.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me
Thank you, 

Brian Jarreau