Back from Chicago, feeling a bit gassed after a long weekend of work
Starting out this week like a beached whale. 
'All TuOgered out' 

All Tuggered Out

Canon5dMK2  24-105 L1
1/125 | f/16 | ISO 400
Captured 7.2.2012


My body is my temple

I got some heat for these photos, turns out the guy who made the noise was the only other guy with photos of this place at the time. He was selling them - afraid I'd cut into his profits- he reported me to the rabbi who owns this temple. 

Canon 5Dmk2 24-105 L1
1/100 | F/13 | ISO 1600
Captured 4.15.2012


Sometimes after a hard few hours of drinking and disk golfing...you fall out on the floor. 
This is a tribute to my good frined Jeff. 

And the winner is...

Get it together bro...

5dmk2 24-105 f/4 L1
1/50| f/4.5 |ISO 1600
Captured 9.9.12


This week is ALLLLMMMOOOSSSTTT over. We're just a few hours from being free of our desk for another 2 days (if you work at a desk) 

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

....some day slimmy, some day I'm gunna own this place....

5dMk2 24-70 L1
1/100| f/2.8 | ISO 2000
Captured 10.7.12


Sometimes, things get weird. 
We've all done weird things, seen weird people, been weird places. 

Uncle Vicky

Uncle Vicky

Uncle Victor is the epitome of "lets get weird".
My friend, colleague, and mentor.  
This image has been vectorized, and code glitched using a HEX editor. 
5Dmk2 24-70 L2
1/125 | f/7.1 | ISO 1000
Captured 2.15.13