A buddy of mine asked me why I wasn't posting a "photo a day" . I didn't really have an answer. So, I commemorate our latest visit in the Big Easy, I'm going to try and commit to posting a photo every day. I have a feeling though- like every journal I've ever started the first few pages are tight...then it trails to weeks, months or in my case entire chapters of my life.
Keep me accountable- maybe I'll be better. Maybe ;) 

City Steppers 10.1.2011

City Steppers

This image was captured using a TTV apparatus I devised With one of who knows how many TTL Cameras I own. Judging from the image I would guess I would venture to say a brownie of some type.  

Canon 5D 100mm Macro
1/160 f/5 ISO250
aptured 10/1/2011